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Digital model portfolios

Digital display of your model portfolios


TRobo helps financial advisors grow their business and attract new customers with a modern digital tool.

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Top-Notch digital portfolio display 

Your unique web page presenting suggested portfolios to potential customers

​Keep up with digital financial technology

Increase your target client base to younger clients

Collect potential customer leads online

Online Robo Advisor style view to your existing customers

TRobo Advanced Features

Any device

Beautiful, and innovative site supported for mobile and web view.

Portfolio history

Test portfolios before publishing and start with 5-year portfolio performance.

40K+ assets

Supports all USA exchanges-based Stocks and ETFs. Add, remove, or change asset allocation continuously.

Real time

Near real-time (daily) portfolio performance update. 


Set a risk, name, and description per portfolio. Add your disclaimer to the site.


A questionnaire page to help the customer find an associated portfolio to his risk.

Present Your Portfolios Immediately


1. Create a portfolio

Create a new portfolio; choose a name, risk, and initial investment amount.

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Activate assets Trobo.png

2. Activate portfolio

Allocate any USA exchanges based assets to the portfolio. Evaluate the portfolio performance on different time frames, and switch status to "visible" when done. 

3. Launch

Share your TRobo site URL with your prospects. Embed the preview portfolios widget on your website as a trigger for potential customers to visit your TRobo site.

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