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In this section you can find all relevant contact details, product documentation, integrations pack, support files and marketing collaterals

Contact details

Regional Sales Manager

Ophir Schultz

Mail to: Ophir.Schultz@tradency.com



Product manager

Racheli Attias Zelig

Mail to: Racheli.attias@tradency.com


Sales operations & integration

Yael Raijman

Mail to: yael.raijman@tradency.com


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Marketing contact

Leehee Yaron Gerti

Mail to: leehee.gerti@tradency.com



VP Sales

Oz Golan

Mail to: Oz.Golan@tradency.com



Lior Nabat

Mail to: Lior.Nabat@tradency.com


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Marketing documents

RoboX free demo

RoboX concept video

RoboX landing page

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Smart Investor white paper

Smart Investor Q&A

Smart Investor presentation Investment

Smart Invesotr presentation customer

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Product description

RoboX user guide

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Integration pack

Landing page for end users (example)

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Support contact details

Phone: 972-8-9582301

Email to: support@tradency.com           

Skype: support_tradency

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Support level 2

Name: : Erez Star

Mail to: erez.star@tradency.com

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SysAid helpdesk link

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SysAid video guide

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SysAid user guide

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