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Retaining long term, solid customer base via a CFD robo-advisory tool

The emergence of the robo-advisory trend had brought Tradency, in 2015, to initiate the development of infrastructures and designing of products that meet market demands.  ​


portfolio planning,

Automatic asset allocation,

Online risk assessments,


re balancing

The SI CFD opens a new market niche which can be used primarily as a retention tool and a vehicle to attract substantial AUM. The service uses existing broker infrastructures, thus incurring zero additional costs for the broker.  

Smart Investor CFD value proposition:

  • Prolong client lifespan - preventing clients churn by offering long term solid investment channel

  • Creating a new source for AUM

  • Resale and upsale for "in-the-system" live clients

  • Promoting innovative reputable organization culture and practices

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