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Smart Investor

Full stack digital investment ecosystem 
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Digitalize your advising service offering

Tradency’s new digital investment business unit established in 2015.

Partnering with prominent financial organizations, looking for bespoke bank grade digital investment services.

Full stack digital investment ecosystem





Banks / Brokers

Data & execution

Multi assets


Partnering with prominent financial organizations

Retail GUI

Advanced business intelligence  




Digital meets advice

Over the past few years, a new form of online digital investment advice has emerged. Initially introduced by a new breed of wealth management firms, with the aim of drawing retail assets away from incumbent players. The new market trend of robo advisory services leverages client information and algorithms to develop automated portfolio allocation and investment recommendations tailored to the individual clients.

The personal investment and wealth management industry is in the midst of a significant financial technology disruption
era, with robo-advice at the heart of it. Understanding the shift in customer’s flavor, incumbent market players such as retail banks, online banks, brokers and wealth managers are reacting, as this hybrid service model gradually becomes the new norm.


New entrants and incumbent market players are realizing the need to target the new market sectors by
offering a channel for digital, automated advice. Robo advice is here to stay and we have seen only the beginning of what automated advice can become. Most incumbent financial institutions will have to adapt accordingly in order to stay on top of the game.

Smart Investor's unique offering


Robust, bank grade 
service level standards


Supporting hundreds of 
thousands of end users 
in real time


Accommodating customer’s 
methodologies and marketing


Extensive global experience 
with complex integrations 
and connectivity


Meeting industry 
regulatory compliance 


Competitive edge through 
a long term cooperation 
with a technological leader

3 service elements

The Smart Investor is compiled of the following 3 main elements:

Presentation & assessment 

Interaction with the end-user (the graphic interface, the personal questionnaire to determine the users risk appetite and investment flavors, push notification etc.)

Advisory logic

Core logic behind the customer profiling, creation of on-line automated investment advisory portfolios and the synthesis to customer portfolios

Execution & feeds Infrastructure that is able to connect to any venues of transactions, orders, account and feed information and provide advisory execution for the user​

Smart Investor value proposition

  • Provides effective, simplified, transparent advisory service

  • Addressing untapped market segment such as sub-million and millennials

  • Offering efficient approach via digital vehicles

  • Promoting innovative fintech organization culture and practices

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