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Marketing Automation for Retail Trading Organizations

Who Sherpa helps?

Sherpa marketing automation is designed to meet the unique requirements of retail traders and then businesses that serve them.


Sherpa automates customer interaction based on retail trading know-how and trader-specific campaigns.


It's built to enable marketers to identify and support traders in a systematic and automated way - from acquisition through retention.

What is Sherpa

Sherpa maps, manages and measures interaction with traders across their entire life-cycle and key touch-points (demo, deposits, trades, redeposits...). Businesses define their critical business objective (eg volume, conversion, churn) and can leverage pre-set, automated trader campaigns.  Sherpa creates a unified, data-based customer retention to systematically manage best-of-breed trading campaigns.

Sherpa key features

Sherpa enables marketers to set strategic objectives, select from a wide-menu of automated retail-trader campaigns and simply manage campaign KPI optimization. Sherpa’s Trader Automation utilizes best-of-breed trading life-cycle initiatives to help marketers meet their core strategies.

Sherpa trader automation brings trader-specific capabilities to organizations including


mapping trader behavior, responsiveness and motivation.


analysis of trading styles, customizing educational plot, trivia, personal guidance


integrating achievement, account plans and status programs

Promotions bonuses, tournaments, engagement tools


news updates, risk settings, real-time spread settings, upsell trading tools

Why Sherpa?

Sherpa helps traders get the best product experience and empowers businesses to maximize customer's lifetime value. Sherpa offers trading businesses

  • A fast start to customer retention

  • Trader-specific lifecycle initiatives based on strategic challenges

  • Preconfigured retention campaigns to meet core trading needs

  • Access to more, tested marketing campaigns

Sherpa guides traders in a personal, automated and measured way throughout their lifecycle. With automated customer interaction, marketers are able to identify which initiatives impact the journey and deliver higher customer value. Marketers are empowered with automated and integrated, best-of-breed trader capabilities so they can focus on building new, valuable experiences, instead of sub-optimal, disjointed campaign operations. Sherpa unifies organizational retention efforts through a KPI-centric management.

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