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The smart trading machine

What is RoboX?

Tradency created a new method of strategies package trading that is simple, comfortable and dynamic. RoboX is a trading machine based on smart packages of strategies,

each package is a compilation of strategies bind by a unique algorithm that is updated constantly. 

RoboX is aimed for traders wishing to diversify their investment portfolio by entering to the lucrative FX market, while minimizing the time vested in the acquisition of knowledge.

30 Seconds Activation

No need for any education

3x Manual Trading Volume

In any market condition

1 Week to launch

Swift and quick time to market

How does it work?

Tradency has the biggest pool of trading strategies in the world. We also have a unique algorithm which creates bespoke packages of trading strategies and keeps it constantly updated.

Using this database with our unique algorithm for choosing and rebalancing strategies creates the most powerful trading platform for users to benefit from the FX/CFD market.

Pre defined rules

Packages set according to pre defined rules algorithm 

Always top strategies

Unique algorithm keeps afloat only the most suitable strategies

Real-time updates

Each package is updated periodically, automatically










How RoboX is different from social trading  


... We live in a connected world and the financial arena is not an exception to this new world. But at the same time that social networking and wisdom of the crowds are beneficial to our day-to-day leisure and lifestyle decision making, it has a potentially damaging effect on our financial trading decision making.

In order to surpass these difficulties, we need to innovatively exploit some of the classic social networking elements and implement them with high-end technology ...


A comprehensive, out-of-the-box trading machine for package trading.

Tradency is the world leader of online automatic trading systems

Cost effective solution​

Quick time-to-market​

Stable, proven, working solution​

Flexible and customizable​

Get started in 3 simple steps...answer, select, done!

User engagement

User profile

The users go through a short and focused questionnaire to assess their risk tolerance and trading flavor


RoboX sends out Notifications to users via web/mobile regarding their account activity.

Available anywhere

Users can RoboX at all times, from all devices.

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