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Get your platform developed by the Robo-Advisor & Auto-Trading world leaders

Add robo-advisory service to your offering

Build a robo-advisory complete solution based on your marketing strategy, assets lists and your brand identity. Tradency offers a robo advisory software development that includes unique modules and features for your company to stand out from the competitors. Integrated with your existing financial systems, our development services enable to provide your customers with an attractive digital investment solution.

The ultimate Robo-Advisor infrastructure

A comprehensive, out-of-the-box robo-advisor infrastructure for multi asset trading. Enabling brokers to construct bespoke robo-advisor platform.


Cost effective

Broad out-of-the-box components minimizing R&D expanses


Quick time-to-market

Expedite time to market by using our experienced product and development teams



Flexible and customizable to the customer needs, from using certain backend components to full turn key project

Full stack digital investment ecosystem

Advisors / Stratgeis / Portfolio builder

Back End



BacK office


Multi assets

Portfolio management

API to 3rd parties

Banks / Financial institutions

Data & execution

Retail GUI

Portfolio formation

Building for you a portfolio formation method, or customizing our ready conventional portfolios types.

Follow the market

Long term



Market returns

Use ETFs & Index

Value investment

Fundamental investing

Themes of investments

Smart betta

Next mutual fund generation

Content packages

Tech’ investment

Technical analysis

Ongoing Market scanning

Short term

Algo, automation

Active, dynamic

Advanced advisory content from multiple channels


Algorithm-based portfolio management & human advisors providing qualitative, quantitative & manual control over portfolio construction.


Real-time dynamic system, constantly monitoring the market and modifying investment portfolios accordingly.


Ability to support both passive and active trading to achieve an excess return.

Forecast and backtesting

To provide the client with useful data to manage their investment, several  analysis tools are accessible as API or GUI.

Asset Allocation

Full list display of the asset allocation according to client profile. Tradency have experienced in developing multiple types of graphical layouts and customizations to the portfolio allocation display.


Calculated expected portfolio results.


Simulation of past performance based on real market data.

Top-notch front end

Designing and building beautiful and simple user interfaces according to the latest designing and UX standards 

  • Using latest client frameworks and architectures, 

  • Mobile first development

  • Full support for all browsers and devices

  • Expert team in product , UI and UX 

Robo Advisor software development user i

Management and Backoffice System

Offering complete control over operations and configuration

  • Packages: constructing new packages and managing existing

  • Robo advisor rules: defining rules for Robo advisor mechanism and wizard

  • Assets List: selecting specific assets markets for the service

  • Layout settings: GUI definitions

  • Analytics: statistics of system users

  • Platform definitions: general setting for the entire service

Robo Advisor software development backoo


Rocket RoboX.png

Swift integration 

Experinced with over 100 integration into financial institutions. Connecting to a wide range of proprietary and FIX protocols.

Robo Advisor software development multi

Multi assets

Able to support multiple asset classes such as: stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, options, commodities…


Execution and Data

Execution connection to a 3rd party or proprietary systems. Market data connection to a 3rd party or proprietary provider.

Project smaples

BNP Paribas

An Hybrid Robo Advisor platform developed by Tradency. The platform enables direct interaction between the bank advisors and the clients to ensure effective investment. The platform integrated with 3rd party portfolio analysis tool to provide additional insights for the client portfolio.

Robo Advisor software development BNP Pa

InterGen Data Digital Advice

View in this video Presented by Robert Kirk, the CEO of Intergen Data the project Tradency have developed for InterGen that includes the backend and front end development. InterGen product is Using an AI engine to predicts the investor future financial capabilities based on demographics data.

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