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Machine-optimized ad operations

Who Percision Ads helps?

Marketing teams do not have the technology to systematically attract and optimize customers across networks. They are not effective in the face of large Ad networks and ad platforms (Adwords, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola). To manage ad operations, marketing teams need to invest heavily with increased head count. Unfortunately, ad effectiveness is limited because they are limited to human's “best-guess” research methodology, time constraints and human error. As a result, too much time and money is wasted on basic ad operations - not attracting the right customers efficiently.

What is Percision Ads?

Precision ads harnesses machine learning algorithms and BI to systematically identify the right traffic, ads and conversion funnels to maximize your acquisition budget without the need for manual intervention.

How Percision Ads works?

Precision Ads brings systematic, automated optimization to online acquisition.  Through machine learning, Precision Ads combines optimization engines and automation services so your business attracts the most relevant customers through the best combinations of traffic sources, advertisement and conversion pages.

Why Percision Ads?

Precision Ads identifies qualified long-tail traffic at the lowest cost and matches the highest-potential ads, keywords to those audiences. Using deep-funnel analysis, a series of audiences, terms, ads and conversion pages are tested to find the best performing funnel.

With Precision Ads, performance marketing teams can step back from the monotonous, operational work, and think about new customer segments and campaigns, leaving the systematic optimization efforts to proven automation solution.

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