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Market Hawk

Real-time personailzed trading ideas platform

The concept

One click for updates and info

supporting intended trading actions.

The global trend of machine intelligence*​

“Many technology companies are now focused on a new kind of method for

making sense of data: artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and others. This machine intelligence world has recently exploded and is transforming existing industries and also likely creating

entirely new ones..” (Shivon Zilis, Bloomberg)

Machine intelligence: Gathering large volumes of direct or indirect evidence of relationships of interest, applying learning algorithms to understand and generalize personal trading preferences

What is Market Hawk ?

Platform for sending real-time trading ideas based on smart behavior profiling algorithms.


  • To provide your client with market insights

  • To increase your client trading opportunities

  • To target your client with relevant trading ideas


  • Mobile application

  • Customized web application

  • Your platform via API

Tradency learning algorithm

Personal trading history or a short questionnaire to suggest bespoke 


A proprietary algorithm keeps learning trader’s behavior and preferences

Presenting relevant trading systems updated market info​

Market Hawk  trading arena

Trading ideas based on client preference and interest.

Manual user use real time application to give them ideas and confident to trade FX and CFD and keep them updated by receiving push notification for chosen strategy’s signals.

Market Hawk target market

Investors looking to diversify their portfolio

Investors wanting to go into FX and are reluctant

Investors in the FX lacking confidence and trading ideas

Market Hawk Broker Challenge

Brokers invest a lot of time, effort and marketing resources to educate users and encourage them to trade.

Market Hawk at your hand

Off-the shelf product, no integration needed.

Localized to language and local news feed.

Attractive cost structure.

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