The internet is changing the way we work, interact and extract information, and the financial markets are no exception to that change. The information jungle is great for entertainment and lifestyle decision making, but when real money is in question, we at Tradency believe a different approach is needed. This is why Tradency offers controlled, protected & monitored trading. Mirror Trader protects broker's clients from dubious tips and trading decisions. All information shared within the Mirror trader platform is generated by tested & proven strategy providers which are being monitored & regulated continuously.

Mirror Trader Strategies

Become a strategy provider

The strategy provider advantages

  • Expose your strategy to clients of worldwide brokers

  • The strategies are running on the strategy provider's side and therefor remain confidential

  • Supports EA. Trade Station, API and other proprietary platforms


Before registering, please make sure you stand in ALL the below demands:
  1. Installed and up-and-running trading platform (MT4/TradeStation/API/Interactive Brokers)

  2. Active email address and a Skype user

  3. Availability to respond in up to 12 hours




Already registered as strategy provider?

in case you already have a user account for Tradency as Signal Provider and you want to test a new strategy, you can add it through the trade manager, no need to register again as a strategy provider.

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