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Get your platform developed by the Robo-Advisor & Auto-Trading world leaders

Copy Trading / Mirror Trading /

Social trading platform software development services

The B2B world technology leader in supporting financial institutions to introduce their unique copy/miror/social trading platform. Our development services Includes all elements needed to build any type of copy / social / mirror service such as client management, execution, trades receiving and distribution, performance recording, position management, account opening, strategies back-testing, strategies bridge for receiving signals etc.


World leaders

Work with the #1 automated sercvices technology provider. Over 200 financial clients from 2005.


Cost effective

We have built almost any possible variant in the copy/mirror/social market. Use our ready modules to assemble a platform in a cost-effective manner.


Accelarate time to market

Our team has over 15 years of experience in building automated services and reaching with a complete solution in timely manner. 

Modules to build enhanced solution

Developing an Auto-Trading platform involves multiple layers of software components, those available, optimized and battle proofed by Tradency since 2005 with regulated financial institutions and mass amount of concurrent users.

Signal Providers network

Our signal providers network contains over 1,000 signal providers and over 5,000 strategies available for trading. One of the biggest challenges to launch a copy/mirror/social trading service is in establishing a good list of strategies to select from. Using our services includes the access to our signal providers list to be used on your tailored solution or approaching our network to develop strategies according to your request.

Performance recording 

This module responsible for recording the trades from the Signal Providers and analyzing the strategy trades. Each trade received needs to be accurately recorded to present reliable track record for the users. Tradency have optimized the recording via a unique algorithm to be suitable and reliable for one to many results recording. Moreover, the performance module expose enhanced statistics of the strategy results such as profit factor / MDD / Average profit trade, biggest losing trade, etc.

Signals bridge

The connectivity module the Signal Providers are using in order to distribute their trades to the followers. Multiple methods are provided using this tool including MT4, MT5, NinJa Trader, Trade Station, API or any other proprietary platform. This includes also an automatic online form for registering new signal providers.

Subscribers managment

Matching between users subscription to the strategies. including control over each subscription setting of Lot size, stop loss, take profit and other money management parameters available for the end user to select.

Execution module

Sending trades automatically on behalf of the end-user for open/close/modify trade execution. This complected module ensure fast and reliable execution of the trades generated by the signal provider and taking in consideration parameter such as stop loss, take profit, account balance, margin requirements etc. This sensitive module making sure open or close trades signals are not missed in the end-user account. as well as matching between the position ID and the signal provider generated the trade.

Packages / Semi auto/ manual trading / other

Multiple variations of this service are available, such as Packages of strategies to create a premade portfolio of strategies for selection, semi automation by exposing the feed of real time trades from the signal provider for the clients manual join a trade, manual trading capabilities alongside the strategies, duplication of trades and required confirmation trades etc.

Back office systems

Provided as a ready UI or an API, the back office systems includes an admin back office, IBs/affiliates/desks back office and the signal provider back office system. The admin back office allows full control over the service i.e. account creation and modification, clients logs and activity, creation of new groups, auditing tools and more. The IBs/affiliates/desks back office provides limited access to a group of clients and their information as well as billing module. The signal provider back office system includes subscribers view, strategies view and creation of new strategies, profile management, strategy description billing and other

Robo Advisor software development backoo

Top-notch front end

Designing and building beautiful and simple user interfaces according to the latest designing and UX standards .

  • Using latest client frameworks and architectures, 

  • Mobile first development

  • Full support for all browsers and devices

  • Expert team in product , UI and U



Rocket RoboX.png

Swift integration 

Experinced with over 100 integration into financial institutions. Connecting to a wide range of proprietary and FIX protocols.

Robo Advisor software development multi

Multi assets

Able to support multiple asset classes such as: stocks, FX, Futures, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, options, commodities…


Execution and Data

Execution connection to a 3rd party or proprietary systems. Market data connection to a 3rd party or proprietary provider.

Implementation samples:

Mirror Trader

A market place for professional traders to offer their algo trading strategies to retail investors


A Japanese flavored and localized service of the Mirror Trader concept

Copy Cash

Cryptocurrencies social trading platform  for the Chinese  market. Allows retail investors to follow a list of trading Gurus

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