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Complete back office management & 
dealing system combined


The mirror 360 back-end can connect to various
front-end platforms and to various liquidity providers via simple
and swift integration. As a result, a wide variety of solutions are
available from which each broker can select the one best suited
to its needs

Business model opportunities

The Mirror 360 has an inherent ability to perform as a complete mirroring system solution (seamlessly integrated with the Mirror Trader platform) or as a standalone solution. Therefore, the Mirror 360 provides brokers with an opportunity to maximize profit by practicing new business models such as: per customer payments, per transaction, progressive commission charge, adding our successful strategies bank as a part of the model and more.

Advanced Back-office suite

The Mirror 360 solution provides brokers with advanced back-office capabilities:

Customer creation

and management

Trading profile setup

allows the broker to create multiple markup, margin, commission and swap profiles and combine them independently to create a unique trading profile that suits each customer or customers group

Viewing customers card and performing various actions on their behalf without the need to access the front-end platform

Sales dashboard view providing the broker's sales persons an updated view of customer’s growth and performance

Reports generation - trader and broker reports can be accessed through the mirror 360 admin, and may also be generated automatically via the system. In addition, the mirror 360 solution allows an access to a replicated DB in case the broker is using a third party reporting system or wishes to create bespoke reports

Innovative dealing

Orders and positions view and control

Exposure view and risk managment handling

Performing dealing requests originated by traders such as opening and closing positions on their behalf

Smart rule engine

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